These are the faces of Goatrek.

Goatrek is a bootstrap start-up founded by a group of people that seized an opportunity to make their careers, and lives, an adventure. Thanks to a team of like-minded adventurers, this opportunity transformed into a tangible unit. The team at Goatrek admires the courage it takes to drop the 9-to-5, and appreciates that it can mean trading it for the 24/7 sometimes. It is this shared dedication to the cause that holds the team together.

While our shared interests brought this idea to life, our diversity of talents is responsible for growing the Goatrek community and keeping our application at the forefront of travel innovation.

We value spontaneity, wanderlust and pioneering. We believe in fun, living outside our comfort zones and forging our own paths.

Justin Hillier, CEO

Goatrek was founded by Justin Hillier after an inspiring trip to Bali, Indonesia. His entrepreneurial nature propelled him to create a one-of-a-kind travel application. Justin is an active backpacker that thrives on adventure. His greatest ambition is to uncover the hidden treasures of the world and invite other backpackers to explore them.

In his spare time, Justin likes to hike, mountain bike, snowboard, and play guitar. These hobbies have allowed him to meet a diverse array of people that have helped shape his path. Justin appreciates the value of human interaction and believes Goatrek will present invaluable opportunities for its users to connect over a common interest: discovering the world’s most remote locations. Justin believe that humans are innately social beings, he hopes that he can quench the desire for human interaction through the technology we have at the tips of our fingers.

Justin Hiller, CEO of Goatrek, with Easton, The Officer of Happiness at Goatrek
Sam Gagnon, COO of Goatrek, picking wild fruit in Cuba

Sam Gagnon, COO

Sam has always been drawn to mountainous landscapes and oceans; the experience of staring at nature’s most vast creations is both thrilling and humbling. Her favourite activities: snowboarding, hiking and mountain biking have been vessels that exposed her to some of the most breathtaking sceneries in the world. She chooses to capture these experiences through the glass lens of a Sony, hoping to bring a piece of each landscape home with her.

Sam is dedicated to global health, human connection, and the environment. She believes the best way to fulfill these passions is through personal experience and gained immense growth through her travels in her home country of Canada as well as her travels around the globe. She knows there is power in numbers; that engaging others in a common cause nurtures community and strives to see technology bind these communities together. Her role at Goatrek allows her to grow her passion for unity, as she is committed to forging a sense of community between users, publishers, and the content they create.

Cameron Staff,
Marketing & communications

Born and raised in the Lower Mainland, Cam’s a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to trekking and travel, only developing an infatuation for the outdoors when he moved to Kamloops, BC for university in 2010. It was there where he began to see the true value of experiencing the natural environments around him, as well as travel. This realization turned him into a lover of hiking and has taken him all over British Columbia, to Europe for 2+ months of backpacking, various parts of the United States and, most recently, across his home country of Canada. He hopes to add Central America to this list in the next few years and parts of Asia after that.

Spending a total of eight years living in Kamloops, he fell in love with its desert landscape and unbeatable sunrises/sunsets. And though a part of his heart will always be in the Interior, he’s excited to now call Victoria, BC home and to be close to the ocean once again. Quickly becoming an Island boy, Cam plans to explore everything it has to offer, intends to visit the surrounding smaller islands and is eager to give surfing and kayaking a try. Besides hiking and paddle boarding, in his spare time Cam loves to listen to and discover music, write & read, and spend time with friends & family. He believes that life is only available in the present and is a big advocate for using outdoor experiences as a tool for improving/sustaining a healthy mind & body.

Cameron Staff, Marketing and Communications at Goatrek, swinging on a tree swing on Old Mount Baldy (Vancouver Island, Canada)
Easton, Officer of Happiness at Goatrek, posing on a beach

Officer of Happiness

Easton is passionate about sticks, his snakey toy, and some heavy shedding. Annoyance include: waiting for humans to catch up while hiking. Favourites include: food in any form, preferably that intended for humans. He believes that to be successful in life you must first master the puppy eyes.

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