Goatrek’s Recommendations for Outdoor Activity During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of our lives for the time being and most likely beyond. It is important to be and stay aware of the most up-to-date information being released by the CDC, and this includes current changes to the way we spend time in nature. In order to keep ourselves, our communities, and our outdoor spaces safe during this unpredictable time, please consider these recommendations. 


  1. The outdoor world & me

Are you finding yourself asking “can I go for a hike or walk along the beach right now?” Your own health, the health of others in your community, access (or lack thereof) to local and uncrowded outdoor spaces should play into your decision. Where the virus is spiking, it may not be possible to get outside, as there are active lockdowns or “shelter in place” mandates. So, first things first, look to the guidance of your local community. Once outside, follow social distancing rules, which means staying at least 2 metres away from anyone not living with you.  


  1. Expect some closures

As businesses that are dubbed non-essential limit services, direct their staff to work remotely or close completely, closures of some parks or trails should also be expected. The result of this could also mean lack of washrooms, campsites, water or other facilities. We recommend bringing ample food and water, your own toilet paper, hand sanitizer etc., or refrain from using the public washrooms altogether as they may not be cleaned or restocked during this time. And as always, be ready to pack out all of your trash with you. 


  1. And as always…

Especially now, with limited staff and services running, trash and recycling bins may not be emptied as often. This results in trash overflows, which then becomes litter. Be ready to pack all of your trash and recyclables out with you. 


  1. Avoid High Use Times/Places

Please do your best to avoid crowded parks, trails and beaches—social distancing applies in nature as it does everywhere else. To avoid being part of the problem, spread your time out to less popular spots and avoid times of the day that have been dubbed high use. 


  1. Use Caution 

Remember, our healthcare system is becoming overwhelmed, so it’s important to avoid potential accidents that could add to the stress of first responders and other medical professionals. 


  1. Don’t Forget

In weird times, routine grounds us—make sure, as always, you are still practicing Leave No Trace’s 7 Principles. 


  1. Act with Kindness

We are all in this together, so be considerate of others while you’re spending time outdoors by enforcing social distancing. Show the park stuff some extra love during these times too—make their job easier by taking care of yourself, others & nature.

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