Hiking on the Island of Kauai

For breathtaking views, dozens of hiking opportunities and some of the most memorable trails in the world, look no further than the island of Kauai. With nearly 70% of the island being accessible by foot, it’s a hiking paradise.

It is extremely important that you plan for your stay on Kauai because, depending where you find yourself, driving on the island can be difficult or even impossible. Upon reaching the Napali Coast, you’ll quickly find that there aren’t any roads and that you can’t go much further by car. If you’re starting your journey on the North Shore or in Hanalei, it’ll take you around two hours to get to Koke’s State Park to hike. As long as you plan carefully though, you shouldn’t run into these issues.


Island of Kauai’s Location

This island has the distinction of being the oldest of Hawaii’s main islands. It has a total area of 1,456.4 kilometres squared (562.3 square miles) and is the fourth largest island in Hawaii. The beautiful views have earned it the nickname of the “Garden Isle.”

This island has volcanic origins and is well known for having a mountainous terrain, hundreds of miles of both easy and difficult hiking trails, gorgeous views and a huge tourist population that is the main backbone for the local economy. The average temperatures hover between 26 °C and 29 °C year round, making it an excellent vacation destination.

Interesting Geographical Facts About the Island of Kauai

The Island of Kauai has rich volcanic soil that allows for a variety of landscapes. You can hike through lush rainforests, beautiful valleys, swamplands, dramatic coastlines, craters lined with waterfalls and some of the longest white sand beaches Hawaii has to offer.

The highest point on this island is Kawaikini Peak, which stands at 1,569 meters (5,148 feet) tall. This point is also the wettest spot on Earth and sees an average of 400 inches of rainfall every year. You’ll get the chance to hike along steep cliff sides and take in a variety of attractions when you explore the island of Kauai.

Must Visit Attractions on the Island of Kauai

Kauai is home to several stunning attractions that you’ll have to see to believe. This island draws millions of tourists each year from all over the world. They come to visit:

Waimea Canyon State Park

The Waimea Canyon State Park claims the title of the largest canyon in the Pacific. This 10-mile long canyon measures a mile across and is a full 3,500 feet deep. There are over 45 miles of hiking trails in and around this canyon, and you’ll get stunning views with dozens of photo opportunities. You can hike the popular Canyon Trail or the Black Pipe Trail along with dozens of others.

Kokee State Park

Kokee State Park is a large, 4,345 acre park that surrounds the Waimea Canyon. You can hike year round, stay at the various cabins if you apply for a permit, and experience stunning views of the Kalalau Valley from 4,000 feet up. You can hike the Alakai Swamp Trail, Nu’alolo Trail, Pihea Trail and much more. They also offer tent camping at designated areas.

Luau Kalamaku and Buffet Dinner

No trip to Kauai is complete without experiencing Luau Kalamaku. You’ll start with traditional Hawaiian favourites and an imu roast pig ceremony. You’ll then discover the island’s history through a talented group of dancers and musicians, including Polynesian hula dancers with colourful costumes and flame throwers. 

The island of Kauai is an excellent place to hike, relax and get away from the stress and strain of life. You’ll enjoy miles of trails, excellent entertainment opportunities and breathtaking views. 

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