Top Beach Destinations Around the World

Travelers who are tropical at heart agree: there’s nothing like the feeling of warm beach sand between your toes. Read on to discover some of the top beach destinations worldwide. If you’re a certifiable beach bum, you may have heard of some of these beaches already – that’s because they’re famous for their stunning atmospheres! However, there are sure to be some exciting new destinations waiting for you to explore.

Tikehau Island, French Polynesia

If snorkeling and scuba diving are your thing, head out to Tikehau Island in French Polynesia. This tiny, remote island is a 55-minute flight from Tahiti and contains the highest concentration of tropical fish compared to any atoll in the world. The beaches are a breathtaking combination of turquoise ocean with white and pink sand.

Dreamland Beach, Bali

This beach is what surfer’s dreams are made of, known worldwide for its great shore breaks. Dreamland beach has become popular, so there’s plenty of resorts to choose from. Still, it retains that 1970s vibe of the surfers who started it all, with small shops and laid-back beach cafes in abundance.

Harbor Island, Bahamas

A beach that’s a little less visited than Dreamland, Harbor Island welcomes visitors with pristine pink sands. Perfect for an intimate or romantic afternoon away from the crowds, drink and dine at nearby Dunmore Street.

Blue Beach, Puerto Rico

For the adventurous, this little gem is only accessible by parking along an unpaved road and walking through the middle of the Western Island’s National Wildlife Refuge. Book a snorkel dive with one of the island’s operators to learn the secrets Blue Beach has to offer.

Trunk Bay, St. John (USVI)

Trunk Bay in the northwestern corner of the Virgin Islands National Park may be the most photographed beach in the world. Trunk Bay draws snorkelers from all over the globe, while hiking trails take beach-goers up into the surrounding bush filled with the historic ruins of sugar cane plantations.

Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos

Parrot Cay is a 1,000-acre private island, only accessible by a 35-minute boat ride from Providenciales. It is home to one luxurious resort and a few private villas owned by Hollywood stars.

Lindquist Beach, St. Thomas

This gorgeous beach has shallow, calm, turquoise water that is perfect for the whole family to enjoy a swim. Lindquist Beach is in a protected part of Smith Bay Park. During the week it is usually quiet, but gets a bit rowdier on weekends when locals gather.

Treasure Beach, Jamaica

The coastline at Treasure Beach is actually divided up into many coves – four of them are open to the public. Less of a tourist spot, the fishing village community is made up of writers and artists. If you’re looking for a beach getaway with a “locals only” feel, this may be the place for you!

Orient Bay Beach, St. Martin

Orient Bay is a fun, party-all-day type of beach atmosphere surrounded by lots of tropical bars and clubs. Getting here is easy as it’s only two miles to the nearest airport. Be advised: at the southern end of the beach is an area reserved for nudists!

Reduit Beach, St. Lucia

Framing Rodney Bay, Reduit Beach has everything you need. From here you can walk to Reduit Beach village and find luxury resorts. Windsurfing is popular and there’s plenty of places to grab a bite. Still, Reduit beach is relaxed enough that it’s perfect for a quiet getaway.

El Nido, Palawan (Philippines)

El Nido is home to at least 50 white sand beaches that are all set around dramatic limestone formations. This is the finest white sand you’ll ever experience, while the water is so bright blue it makes all other oceans pale in comparison. Also, be prepared to be spoiled by the sunsets!

Honopu Beach, Kauai (Hawaii)

Honopu beach, also known as “Cathedral Beach”, is quite difficult to get to! For starters, it’s only accessible by water. You must swim from an offshore boat or from the neighboring Kalalau Beach. But the trouble is worth it: ochre-colored sand bordered by soaring cliffs – most times, you’ll have the beach all to yourself.

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